From Humble Spokes to National PR Relations: How Allbirds Conquered the Shoe Industry


Jun 3, 2024

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From Humble Spokes to National PR Relations: How Allbirds Conquered the Shoe Industry

Imagine the warm glow of your meticulously organized business and the satisfying feeling of finishing a productive day. You've nurtured your business and you offer high-quality products and/or exceptional services. But a nagging question persists: how can you break through the sea of similar businesses and capture national PR relations? You yearn for the kind of PR coverage that transforms hidden gems into household names.

Crafting a Narrative That Resonates: The Allbirds Story

This isn't a hypothetical scenario. It's the success story of Allbirds, a brand synonymous with comfortable, sustainable shoes. Founded in New Zealand by Tim Brown, a former professional rugby player, and Joey Zwillinger, an engineer with a passion for merino wool, Allbirds began with a simple mission: create the world's most comfortable shoe using natural materials. While they quickly garnered a devoted following in their local markets, Allbirds craved a wider audience.

Partnering with a PR firm experienced in securing national media placements was Allbirds' first step. While targeted advertising has its place, there's a certain gravitas that comes with being featured in a respected publication. A 2022 study by Stackla found that 84% of consumers report that user-generated content (UGC) – like articles from trusted publications – influences their purchasing decisions. National media coverage acts as social proof, validating your brand and attracting new customers who might not have discovered their sustainable footwear and ethical practices otherwise.

But securing national PR relations coverage isn't about blasting out generic press releases. It's about crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with journalists and their audiences. The PR team delved into Allbirds' story – their commitment to using natural materials like merino wool and tree fiber, their focus on sustainable manufacturing practices, and their dedication to creating a comfortable, everyday shoe. They highlighted Allbirds' innovative use of materials and their commitment to transparency throughout the supply chain.

This narrative resonated perfectly with a growing trend – consumer interest in sustainable fashion and ethical consumerism. The PR team didn't just pitch Allbirds to footwear publications; they identified a broader angle. Allbirds' story fit perfectly with a national conversation about environmental responsibility and the impact of fashion choices. With this broader perspective, the PR team secured placements not just in fashion magazines, but also in lifestyle publications and environmental news outlets (source: Forbes).

Suddenly, Allbirds wasn't just a local bike shop, it was a symbol of a new wave of sustainable businesses. The positive media coverage is widely credited with boosting Allbirds' brand awareness and contributing to their overall success (source: Forbes). National media outlets even featured Allbirds' founders as experts on sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing, further solidifying their reputation as leaders in the industry.

The Road to National PR Relations: Lessons for Entrepreneurial Businesses

So, how can you emulate Allbirds' success story? Here are some key takeaways:

  • Craft a Compelling Narrative: What makes your business unique? What story can you tell that resonates with a broader audience, especially one that aligns with current trends?

  • Partner with National PR Professionals: Experienced PR firms understand the media landscape and can help you craft strategic pitches that grab journalists' attention.

  • Think Beyond Industry Publications: Is there a larger story about your business that aligns with national trends or consumer interests?

The journey from a local favorite to a nationally recognized brand requires dedication, a commitment to your values (like sustainability!), and a strategic national PR relations approach. While AK Infinite focuses on earned media placements, we understand the power of a comprehensive online presence. We can help you develop a website and other digital assets that effectively communicate your brand story and resonate with your target audience.

National media coverage can be the springboard that propels your entrepreneurial business to new heights. By securing placements in respected publications, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, attract new customers who share your values, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

AK Infinite: Your Partner in Earned Media Success

AK Infinite understands the power of crafting a compelling narrative and securing placements in influential media outlets. Our expertise lies in developing strategic National PR relations campaigns that build brand awareness and drive results. We can help you with:

  • Media Relations: Building coverage across the big platforms including Yahoo!, Business Insider, The Associate Press, and more.

  • Monthly Media Blasts: Targeting outlets, crafting industry specific pitches, and providing trend reports.

  • Customized post media consulting: Having a customized plan for securing earned media placements.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact AK Infinite today and let's discuss how we can help you achieve your earned media goals.

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