Mar 8, 2024


I am compiling 3 years of my digital marketing journey into 8 steps you can apply TODAY.

Anyone who follows these 8 steps, I believe, can start their 6 figure agency from scratch👇 (it’s exactly what I did)

1. Go on YouTube to find ways to make money 💰

Soon, your YT algorithm will hit you with content in alignment with your searches.

2. Find something that interests/excites you 🔥

There are so many ways to make $$ online; it should be fun, right?

3. Research/invest in that topic & make it a skill 👩🏼💻

There are incredible free resources on YouTube, Gumroad, Google, Facebook, IG & paid courses.

4. Learn cold email to leverage 📧

Instantly is my go-to platform for sending outbound cold emails to market my services.

5. Write copy that sells ✍🏼

Again, tons of free content out there already + amazing books.

6. Use Bumble Biz for script testing 🐝

Yup. Bumble has a business section! Many business owners are on there looking to network, connect, and talk to other business owners. Leverage these conversations to see what grabs interest & what doesn’t. Take note of this.

7. Document everything (make SOPS/ standard operation procedure.) 📄

I wish I had done this sooner, as the only way to scale your business is if you systematize your processes.

8. Make QWOTED your friend.

You NEED social proof as a business owner.

Who buys anything without seeing reviews?

Learn how to get your company featured on this free platform.

You won’t regret it.

Take it one step at a time!

But - there’s no way you can’t find success with these 8 steps.

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