The Importance of PR Before Lead Generation


May 27, 2024

pr before lead generation

The Common Misconceptions About PR

When I started my business, I held several beliefs about public relations (PR) that I now realize were holding me back. I thought PR could wait, that I needed more leads first, and that I’d get to it in the new year. I pushed it off to the next quarter and wondered why I wasn’t getting more clients. It wasn’t until I established one crucial element that everything changed for me.

PR as Digital Real Estate

Public Relations is not just about getting your name out there; it’s about building your digital real estate. This foundational aspect of your business can transform your operations and outcomes. Once I prioritized PR, I experienced significant growth. My team expanded to over 11 members, I added an additional $12K in monthly recurring revenue (MRR), started getting paid for my consulting services, enjoyed the luxury of not opening Slack until 10 AM, and began to gradually step back from sales calls. The impact of PR on my business was profound.

The Role of Social Proof

To illustrate the importance of PR, consider your own buying habits. Would you purchase a product on Amazon with zero reviews? Imagine if the product’s description read, “We are the best,” or “We’ve sold to hundreds of customers,” but had no reviews to back up these claims. You’d likely be skeptical, right? This highlights the power of social proof. Without it, your business is like an unreviewed product—hard to trust and even harder to sell.

Building Credibility First

Before investing in lead generation, you need to build your credibility. Getting featured and building your social proof should be the first steps. Only then should you invest in lead generation services. If you wait to establish your PR, you might find yourself struggling to attract your first client, as I did for the first six months of my business.


In summary, prioritizing PR can create a strong foundation for your business. It establishes your credibility, builds social proof, and sets you up for successful lead generation. Don’t make the mistake of delaying this critical component. Build your digital real estate now and watch your business thrive.

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