University Isn’t The Only Way


Apr 12, 2024

University Isn’t The Only Way

Millions spend 4 years in a university & rack up 100k + in debt without even blinking.

Like it’s what they are SUPPOSED to do.

I didn’t want to have debt or miss out on the world.

So 1 decided to make a change ⬇️

I left school not because I didn’t like learning.

But because I wanted to change my teacher 🌎

So many people nowadays feel that university is the ONLY way to become “successful.”

and, of course, you can find success through a degree..

but it’s not the ONLY way

Imagine spending 4 years traveling and making the world your classroom.

I still have so much to learn, but I can definitely say she’s a wonderful teacher 👩🏻🏫

and after making the world my teacher, I’ve... ⬇️

~ started 2 online businesses

~ traveled to 12+ countries

~ lived in South America for 2 months solo

~ grew to 6 figures in income

~ wrote 4 best-selling books

all because of ONE decision

And YOU can, too.

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