You can be a digital nomad, too.


Mar 15, 2024

Here’s how I did it 👇👇 & you can go to in 6 steps.

🥊 learned a high-income digital marketing skill through a course

  • if you don’t have tons of cash for a course, you can always find tons of great content on YouTube

🥊 invested in my PR (digital real estate) to create social proof & trust

  • this is a non-negotiable if you want a brand

🥊 promoted my services through cold email & Linkedin

  • start small, then scale with automation

🥊 invested in software automation to 2x my time

  • Dripify & Instantly

🥊 grew an incredible team through freelancer hires

  • Upwork & Fiver are my go-tos

🥊 turned my credit card expenses into points & used them to book 2 business class tickets to Europe via Turkish Air and stay at the Athens Grand Hyatt Hotel for FREE on points

  • @geobreezetravel is my go-to with travel points

Steal my roadmap & become a digital nomad like I did 🌎!

Here’s how you want to streamline your marketing knowledge.

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