Lexi's Story.

The Beginning...

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Lexi started her online eBay store at the age of 9 years old.

When she wasn't playing soccer,  she loved finding hidden treasures with her aunt at garage sales, flea markets, around the house, and even dumpsters! 

The Broken Bones...

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2016 --> 2019

Training to become a Division I soccer player came with many hurdles to say the least.

3 broken bones, 3 + concussions,  1 strain, 1 surgery, countless MRIs & Xrays were all part of her development journey to play in college.

The Division I Athlete...

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Lexi signs to the University of San Diego's Division I soccer program in the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Becoming the first Division I collegiate athlete in her family, and  verbally committing in her Junior year of high school, Lexi thought she would be on her way to becoming a pro soccer player.


College wasn't a fit for her, as she wanted to build financial freedom and experience education in a non-traditional route. 

She soon drops out of college, leaving her DI scholarship behind.

Opening a completely new chapter...

The Turning Point...

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August 2021 --> January 2022

Lexi starts AK Infinite in the summer of 2021 (invested most of her eBay money on an online course...)

Took her 7 weeks to sign her first client...which she then has to refund a few days later due to a software issue. 

The business starts and stops, not signing her first client until January of 2022...

Almost 6 months later!

Becoming A Digital Nomad...

Almost a year 1/2 later, and the below mental framework were formed.. 

--> Believed in oneself infinity (*hint hint* the inspiration to name AK Infinite) 

-->Set intentions to learn every single day

--> Reflect daily on improvement

--> Stay consistent

--> Put helping others first

--> Enjoy the process :)

Prioritizing these Frameworks, Lexi knew success would follow.

Digital Nomad Adventures 

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Explored the mountain tops of the Hawaiian Big Island 🌋

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Played beach soccer in India ⚽️